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PHOTOGRAPHERS ONLY.  Pay less for your pro quality wedding albums.  You can profit more by changing your albums.  Extensive sizes and popular covers.  Welcome to some of the most profitable albums available!

TIMELESS WEDDING ALBUMS profit Photographers more, because you buy for less & PROFIT more.

HOW TO ESCAPE THE 'DIRT CHEAP' TRAP:  If you sell a wedding album that is already found everywhere, the brides who like it will shop around on price until they get it 'dirt cheap', and we all know that they will find someone desperate enough for an album sale, to give it to them 'dirt cheap'!  However, wedding albums that are uniquely different, avoid the 'dirt cheap' trap!  When a bride likes a Timeless Album in a Studio or at a Wedding Fair, they will not find it everywhere and they will not find other wedding albums quite like it.  These big advantages mean more profits to our Clients from more album sales and higher sales prices.  Add to these advantages, our lower prices, and you have higher profit from each album sale too.  The proof of this is found in our Photographer Clients who tell us that they use Timeless Albums because they sell more albums and make more profit from each album sale, (up to $1,000 more, than they did with the albums they sold before changing to Timeless Albums).  Timeless Albums profit Photographers more than other albums and that is the biggest reason why our Clients choose to sell Timeless Albums!    

RUBBISH ALBUMS FROM ASIA: Quality standards expected of wedding albums in Australia are some of the highest in the world.  By contrast, most Asian binders produce massive volumes of poor quality albums for their local market and also use this for online album orders.  After a year of two these albums look about as good as you would expect for the price.  Rubbish albums are not good for businesses that have a long term plan and value reputation and referal.    

Serving Professional Photographers of Australia and Worldwide since 1994.

EXCITING NEWS - Under New Management: Best wishes to David Dellit, founder of Timeless Albums, who retired in 2013.  Now all albums, products, and design services of Timeless Albums are available from Designer Folders who have been supplying photographers accross Australia since 1904. Now your business benefits more from one of the largest combined ranges of albums and photo packaging products, with the convenience of doing business with one supplier, making us your true 'one stop album shop'. (http://www.designerfolders.com.au / sales@designerfolders.com.au).

Simplicity Albums

Killer prices without sacrificing pro quality, is what Simplicity Albums are all about.  The same binder of our Prestige Albums has gone all out to reduce price but still maintain pro album quality.  These albums are amazing for the look, the quality, and the price.  With acrylic, bevelled glass, hot embossed photo, and leather to be this price, is extraordinary.  Professional Photographers are ordering these albums for their Studios and for Wedding Fairs, because of the head-turning looks, the pro quality, and low, low prices that mean extra profit.

Tradition Albums

For the last eight years Photographers have enjoyed profiting from Tradition Albums.  Covered in conservative covers including Distressed Brown, Distressed Black, Tooled Brown and Tooled Black, these albums convey the image of album luxury and class.  One Client Photographer described that he used to sell an album that cost him $1,000.00 more than a Tradition Album, but he was selling his Tradition Albums for the same price, and that meant an extra $1,000.00 in his pocket from every album he sold.  If you want to buy your albums for less and make more profit, Tradition Albums are hard to beat.  

Prestige Albums

With an extensive range of sizes and covers, Prestige Albums satisfy the album requirements of discerning Photographers, including internationally famous Photo Artist 
CM Leung (http://www.cmleung.com/#/page/4221/accolades/).  Impressively high professional print and build qualities, along with stunning looks, make these albums appeal to Photographers.  Whether it is leather, crystal, aluminium bench, cover windows, luxury portrait albums, mats, slip-ins, or ultra-thin-page albums, Prestige Albums has every album you require.  The Prestige Albums Pricelist includes sizing and cover variations.  See our 'About Us' web page for more information.  

Pricelists and additional information available by emailing sales@designerfolders.com.au or phone your request 1300 134 781   

Thank you. 


Mark Brookfield.

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