Perfection to Detail

Album Epoca

Perfection? It lies in our attention to detail.

Our search for perfection is never-ending.
Not to boast, but a reminder of our technological leadership.
In 2001, our passion for product perfection led us to invent and patent a continuous page binding system that removes the bothersome interruption normally found between the right and left-hand pages.
This technology has since become a global standard

The latest technology married to meticulous craftsmanship.

The best results? We achieve them by combining the latest technology with the craftsman quality that only the hand of man can guarantee.
That is why every Album Epoca is handmade, with particular care and attention dedicated to every detail.

We guarantee strength and durability.

Another system invented by Album Epoca is heat binding, a special assembly method carried out manually by inserting interleaving tissue paper between sheets that are then put in an oven.
By not using vinyl glues, the result is a sturdy page without the unpleasant ‘wave’ effect. Heat binding produces a book that is not only more appealing to touch and look at, but longer lasting, too.

Prefer a lighter page? We’re flexible.

To give you even more choice, we offer a new technology that provides a flexible page binding. This technology bonds just the photographic paper alone, without the insertion of interleaving tissue paper between the sheets.
The result is a lighter effect without page warping.

The best photographic and digital printing solutions.

The search for excellence necessarily focuses on the use of and search for the best printing support materials.
For this reason, we offer only the best photographic and digital printing solutions.

Photographic printing:

  • • Matte
  • • Metallic

Digital printing:

  • • Matte-coated
  • • Matte-coated with UV varnish

Your Album Epoca

Our job is to help you perfect yours. It’s a process that always takes into account your indications, suggestions and personal taste.

We aim for perfection from every point of view. Especially yours.

We perform color correction on every single photo, balancing light and contrast to obtain chromatically perfect images. Complexions and shadows are then meticulously corrected manually to the highest standard.

The final touch? Photo retouching.

Alla correzione colore Album Epoca aggiunge un servizio esclusivo il fotoritocco. An exclusive service we offer is photo retouching, designed to eliminate details such as skin blemishes or other defects. We also focus on strong color dominants (with selection feature) and contrast masking to highlight sections of the photo.


Techniques designed to make sure your photos last.

Our goal is to make sure your photos remain unaltered over time.
For example, photo scoring is performed using unique systems and tools created and developed by Album Epoca. This special process puts the perfect amount of pressure on the photo without damaging the protective film or expelling the emulsion. The result? No unpleasant ‘pinking effect’ on the fold of the page.


A cover paints a picture worth more than a thousand words.

Album Epoca offers endless possibilities to suit the tastes of those who will own it forever - down to the smallest details.

Continuous cover

Created in a single combination of materials to give a more balanced effect and uninterrupted impact.

Composition cover

The combination of three parts – front, spine and back - created using the same or different materials.

Composition only on the front cover
Spine and back in the same material.

Composition only on the back cover

Spine and front in the same material.


Because first impressions count.

Dry debossing makes it possible to print a unique decoration on the cover leather that will last forever. Just like the emotions reflected in the unique album.

‘Greek fret’ print

A geometric finish that frames the cover, affording it refined elegance.

‘Arum lily’ print

A romantic, gentle and delicate beauty - just like that of a flower.

‘Corners’ print

A different way to frame the cover, offering a classic touch.

‘Seal’ print

Almost like a coat of arms, a distinctive sign of taste and style.


The details that make an album great.

What makes an album great has nothing to do with its size.  On the contrary, it has to do with the little touches and attention to detail.  So that it reflects who owns it, from every point of view.

Gold or silver gilding

To enhance and highlight its elegance, the album pages are embellished with gold or silver gilding on the edges.


Cover photograph

Typical of most magazines, the ‘stars’ belong on the cover.
Epoca offers various options for the cover photograph.

  • • laminated,
  • • laminated onto Plexiglas,
  • • laminated onto Plexiglas with steel frame.


Initials? Personalization.

Like any self-respecting fashion accessory, Album Epoca also carries a ‘label’, bearing the names or initials of its proud owners forever.


We offer initials in SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS the ideal way to begin a visual celebration dedicated to very special people.

Metal initials

Simpler yet just as effective, metal initials give a very particular imprint; an option available for numerous cover models.

Engraved metal band

The full names of the bride and groom can be laser engraved on the metal band.


So perfect you’ll want to put your name on it.

Every Album Epoca reflects the creativity of the photographer who took the photos and the person who did the layout. For this reason, we’ve designed a personalized plaque that can carry both your name and ours.


Satisfaction or your money back.

For us, quality is an absolute;
That’s why every Album Epoca is built to last.
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we make. If our work does not match your order, we’ll redo it completely at no extra cost.